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Collision Repair & Paint Made Easy!

Another Reason To Love LG Auto Body! Book Your Pickup & We’ll Do The Rest!
No More Visits To The Body Shop!


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1. Send us pictures and book a pick up.

See our guide how to send us the pictures of the damage and vehicle information. Our mission is to disrupt your day the least possible.

Our Automated system will help you book your vehicle for repairs. Once we receive the information and see the pictures, we contact you as soon as possible to schedule a pick up of your vehicle in a flatbed.

No visits to the body shop!

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2. Pick up &
Vehicle Repairs

We are going to be at your home or office with a flatbed picking up your vehicle to transport it to one of our LG Auto-owned and operated Certified Collision Centers to perform the repairs to the highest standards.

You’ll receive daily email or text updates on real-time where your vehicle stands on the repair process.

No phone calls to the body shop, no disruptions on your day!

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3. Return Vehicle
back to you

Once we completed the repairs, your vehicle goes through an extensive Quality Control check list before we arrange bringing your vehicle back!

We just reach out to you through our automated system and we will arrange complimentary drop off.

Yes, it is that Easy and Convenient!

Ready To Proceed?

With LG Connect it is Easy and Convenient!

No visits to the body shop, No need to arrange rides, No disruptions on your day!


Estimate Process

LG Connect will prepare a full, detailed and well documented up-to-date repair plan also known as blueprinting to repair your vehicle.

We will work with your insurance company and their representatives to help with your insurance claim but we are only looking on your best interest and will declined the use of aftermarket and used parts.

We use the latest on softwares and equipment to fix your vehicle and we employ the best and most qualified technicians to provide the highest quality in the industry


Top Fit & Finish

Our Collision Repair Network will Only use OEM (Original Manufacturer Parts) to guarantee Exact Fit and Finish on your vehicle.

Keeping your vehicle value and factory warranties in place is important. Original parts are factory-tested, engineered to perform as intended in the event of a collision.

Keeping your family safe is our top priority *This is the only way our shop will fix your vehicle *Learn More


100% back to Original

Our Repair plans are accurately prepared by trained and qualified ASE and I-Car Certified Estimators and ONLY listing vehicle manufacturer parts.

Lifetime warranty paint and labor. Besides fixing your vehicle back to its original state, we will provide a copy of vehicle of all the repair manufacturer repairs procedures and recommendations used to repairs your vehicle if available and published by vehicle manufacturer.

Usually to keep your vehicle value, warranty, fit and finish impeccable.

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